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Morogues – red

A Pinot from the Loire region

Fruit and freshness with a light tannin note. The terroir of the village of Morogues combined with hard work provides us with this beautiful example of a Pinot. The complexity is definitely there, thanks to the blending of grapes grown on 3 areas situated on Kimmeridgian and hard limestone. A beautiful wine that sometimes needs to be aged for a while, but the pleasure is always there.

Grape variety
Pinot noir

Average age of the vine
30 years

5 hectares

Density of plantation
7 500 plants/hectare

• Kimmeridgian marl and Portlandian limestone
• various exposure

• fermentation for 3 to 4 weeks in wooden vats
• natural fermentation (indigenous yeasts)
• immediate blending of free-run and press juices

• in wooden vats

Available in 375 ml, 750 ml and 1500 ml